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Bartender of the Week: Klondike Kate’s’ Chris

Name: Chris “Toph”

Bar: Klondike Kate’s

Relationship Status: Single          

Major: Was marketing when he went to school at UD

Favorite Drink: Tullamore Dew                  

Favorite Shot: Grand Marnier

Disgusting Drink: Anything with tonic.


What beer is most overrated? Why?: All pumpkin beers.


How will Klondike Kate’s be remembered in 50 years?: It’ll have all the same regulars.


Finish this sentence: Freshmen should only be in bars if…: Never.


What MINOR celebrity do you most want to meet, and why?: Brian Ford, the new bartender at Grain Craft Bar and Kitchen.


What’s your favorite old-timey turn of phrase? What does it mean?: “Got a doobie?” Means “got a doobie?”


Which childhood game is most improved with liquor?: Golf         


If you had a kangaroo pouch, what would you put in it?: At least another kangaroo…probably a kangaroo.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?: Because I’m in it now!

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