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Bartender of the Week: Sergeant Pepperoni’s Anne


Name: Anne

Bar: Sergeant Pepperoni’s

Relationship Status: Single

Major: None

Favorite Drink: Whiskey

Favorite Shot: Whiskey

Disgusting Drink: Bloody Mary


Why should students come here as soon as they’re done with their last final?:

We have cheap beer and good pizza.


As a bartender, what do you study most?:

Really drunk people.


What is something you’d be ashamed to admit you got an A+ in?:

Binge-watching Jeopardy!


What’s the longest time you’ve been awake without sleeping and why?:

A day and a half; I was having too much fun!


Give freshmen taking college finals the first time a bit of advice:

Lay off the whiskey.


What’s something you hope is different when students come back to Tennessee in spring 2016?:

A longer summer.


What will 2016 be the year of?:

Me turning 29!


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

It’s the best!

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