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Bartender of the Week: The Riv’s Tyler

Name: Tyler

Bar: The Riv

Relationship Status: Single?

Major: Welding student

Favorite Drink: Jameson

Favorite Shot: …also Jameson

Disgusting Drink: Tequila. It tastes bad, and making it is bad. Making the salt and lime look all fancy is a bitch.


Is there an alcoholic beverage you’ll never drink again? Why?:
Vodka, period. Because of what my friends called the Tyler Shot. Chug a half pint of Five O’Clock, chug a Red Bull, smoke a cigarette. It gets the job done in the worst way.


Which living figure is the nation’s greatest drunk?:
He’s not living, per se, but Hunter S. Thompson will never die.


How would you explain The Riv to a 7-year-old?:
People come here for…fun enhancements.


What’s the nerdiest secret you’re willing to admit?
D&D 3.5 and Runescape sums up my middle school years.


What pop culture college experience is most like your own? Why?:
Fuckin’ Jersey Shore


What meme or turn of phrase do you wish never existed?:
I like ‘em all. …I wish people used the C-word more.


What are those corporate fat cats up to now?:
Smoking cigars, polluting the planet, and secretly spying on people.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
It’s real news on campus and it’s funny.  

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