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Bartender of the Week: Trevor R from MODA

For a good time, step into MODA Italian Restaurant & Lounge, complete with a full bar, white couches, strobe lights and a DJ. You can find it on Madison Street along with Trevor, The Black Sheep’s pick for Bartender of the Week.


Name: Trevor R


Relationship Status: Single

Major: Real Estate, Business Management, & Professional Sales

Favorite Drink: Tequila Ginger

Favorite Shot: Vegas Bomb

Disgusting Drink: Three Wise Men


What beer is most overrated?: Natural Light; if you want some natural light just open the blinds. Don’t stoop down to those swamp people at UF and pay the extra $0.50 for Bud or Natty.


What liquor would be best if it was crunchy?: Fireball would obviously be the best if crunchy because if you don’t like cinnamon toast crunch, I don’t trust you.


What fictional character do you most want to share a drink with?: Dora the Explorer, because we all know she keeps some good ol’ aged Mexican tequila her abuela rescued from the Alamo in that backpack. Why else would Swiper be so interested?


Given the opportunity, what song do you never want to hear again?: If I hear that song “Happy” one more time I may literally turn myself inside out in a flagrant display of my discontent. If we played it on loop at Guantánamo those guys would be talking in no time.


If your porn name was the last name of your best friend and your favorite Taco Bell item, what would your porn name be? It’s a tie between Muñoz Beefy Five Layer and Muñoz Baja Blast.


Explain the difference between making love and having sex in 5 words or less: If you met off Tinder…


What’s the last thing you heard that blew your mind?: There’s a difference between making love and having sex.


Who is your fourth-best friend?: Parks Honaker


Why should people read The Black Sheep?: If you’re interested in learning how to properly elude bloodthirsty genetically engineered sheep after accidentally disposing the antidote then it’s a great purchase but if you have friends or any type of hobby at all I’d steer clear at all costs.

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