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Booze Review: Bacardi 151


Bacardi 151 gets its name from having an alcohol proof of 151, meaning that this rum is 75.5% alcohol, with a remaining 24.5% consisting of regret. This stuff is so ridiculous that it has not one, but multiple warnings on the label for how flammable it is. In essence, you’re doctor probably doesn’t want you drinking this stuff, but that guy’s lame and probably a geed virgin.

Grade: D


Smells Like:

Straight-up gasoline, or as we like to call it here in America, liberty fuel.


Tastes Like:

Someone just stabbed your throat and lit it on fire simultaneously.


Typical Drinkers:

– People who have a desire to get hammered in 10 minutes.

Tech N9ne.

– Insecure men who seek validation by drinking strong liquor.

– People who get sexual pleasure from danger.


User Comments:

– “Tell my mom I love her.”

– “The pain in my throat is only shadowed by the pain in my heart.”


– “Just f*** me up, fam.”


You’ll Like This if You Like:

Responding to people who say “It’s a marathon, not a race,” with “I sprint marathons.”


Best Described as an Alcohol Superior To:

Everclear, because it doesn’t have a song about it and Everclear’s the drink of people who refer to the Civil War as “The War of Northern Aggression.”


What Your Hyper-Masculine, Judgmental Father Would Say if He Saw You Drinking This:

“Ha, only 151 proof?!? I found this Polish cleaning chemical in your mom’s cabinet that’s 198 proof! Get on my level you lightweight.”


Can You Start Things on Fire With It?:
Don’t you forget it.


We Mixed it With:

Anything you can. You’re probably taking 3 days off your life for each shot of 151 you take. 

Posted by The Black Sheep on Monday, October 17, 2016

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