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Booze Review: Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum

We went shopping for coconut rum at Meijer because who doesn’t like a basic mojito every once in a while? Anyway, the Malibu (the only coconut rum that you should ever buy) was sitting front and center on the shelf  when we saw this blue bottle called “Blue Chair Bay” which, by coincidence, was also coconut rum. It was two dollars more than the Malibu, but it was on sale so we thought, How could anyone pass up a deal this good? And we grabbed it. Actually, no, we’re not going to lie. We bought it because of the bottle. It’s really pretty, and as mentioned before, we’re basic.


Grade: A-


Smells Like: Coconut, to some extent. The scent isn’t as powerful as Malibu but it’s probably less sweet.


Tastes Like: A less coconutty version of Malibu (this whole review is going to be comparing it to Malibu, isn’t it?). Not bad, we’re guessing it won’t be as popular amongst those who like sweeter drinks, but if you are looking for just a hint of coconut for whatever less-than-girly cocktail you’re making, this might be the stuff for you.


Typical Drinkers: People who like blue bottles and Kenny Chesney. Oh, we forgot to mention right off the bat (because we didn’t notice until we brought it home) that country singer Kenny Chesney founded this company. Whaddya know.


User Comments:

– “I can tell there is coconut in here somewhere…”

– “Can you even name one Kenny Chesney song?”

– “No, I don’t listen to country music.”


You’ll like this if you like: Hmmmm…Malibu?


What Kenny Chesney Would Say if He Saw You Drinking This: “Hey, thanks for adding to my multi-million dollar net worth!”


Common Food Pairing Suggestions: Pineapple fried rice?


We Mixed it with: We made a coconut mojito by mixing this stuff, Coco Lopez, and the other regular ingredient of a mojito. It was damn delicious.




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