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Clemson Bartender of the Week: Nate from 365


Name: Nate

Bar: 356

Relationship Status: I have a girlfriend

Major: n/a

Favorite Drink: Beer

Favorite Shot: Tequila

Disgusting Drink: Cranberry vodka


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What’s the most sexually illicit thing you’ve witnessed gone down in 356?:

People making out on the bar.


If there were candy heart messages under beer bottle caps, what would your favorite say?:

“No means no.”


Which celebrity do you find sexy that no one else finds sexy?:

Burt Reynolds.


5 words to describe the perfect cheap date in Clemson:

Three Five Six!!


A lonely freshman on Valentine’s Day should…:

Do laundry.


Which euphemism for having sex is worst?:



How do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in hell?:

The same.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m horny and drunk…:

 Let’s screw.


Why should people make love to The Black Sheep?:

It’s not half baaaad.


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