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CU Boulder Bartender of the Week: Kat from The Sundown Saloon


The Sundown Saloon — AKA Downer — is one of the most popular bars in Boulder, and the largest individual distributor of PBR in the United States. Almost everybody who goes there notices Kat. She’s the sober girl with bright blonde hair, bringing pitchers of PBR to all of us drunks who don’t want to crowd around the bar with other poor drunks. The Black Sheep decided to interview Kat, to get to know her, and see what kind of crazy things she has witnessed at the only dive bar left on Pearl Street.


Name: Kat B

Bar: The Sundown Saloon (Downer)

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: Was marketing, now graduated.

Favorite Drink: Herandurra + Tonic + Lime + Salt

Favorite Shot: Good Tequilla


Describe the wildest thing you’ve seen in the Downer:

There was once a wedding party that turned into a huge brawl. The father and son started fighting the bouncers. It sucked. I got punched in the face. Cops came through with batons, and shut us down. Super Ronkeytonk.


What is your greatest fear at a party?:

Somebody will try and make me hold a pet snake. The only time I’d ever hold a snake is if I was wearing a Brittany Spears “Slave for You” outfit.

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Why do men have it harder than women these days?

 They don’t. They might have hardons, but their lives are fine.


What do you do when drunk guys ask for your number?:

 Usually just give them my sister’s haha.


What superstition are you not embarrassed to believe in?:

 I trust the moon. Full moons make people fucking crazy.


Which hashtag most accurately describes your last hookup?:



Why should people read The Black Sheep?

 You’ll find a great bathroom at CU.


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