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Drinking Game: NBA Finals’ Boozeket Ball


Despite what’s taught in youth soccer, there are indeed winners and losers in sports. This also means there are people who either drink to celebrate, or drink to forget. This game is for those people determined to enjoy the finals even if their favorite team isn’t playing. 

What You’ll Need:

Depending on how many people are participating, you will need a 30-rack of beer or a handle of hard liquor. You will need some means of watching the game. You will also need a phone to look up a team’s line up and a piece of paper to write down who picked which player.

Number of Players:

An ideal game has 10-12 people playing, but less will be just as fun.

Level of Intoxication:

The basketball isn’t the only thing getting slammed in this game. By the end of the night most drinkers will forget that they once hated both teams. It’s also likely that people playing will have to watch the highlights of the game the next day. You know, so they can remember who won.

How to Play:

– Each player will pick one basketball player from both teams (like a fantasy football draft).

– Every time your players score, you give out that many drinks. For example, if your player makes a 3 pointer, you dole out three drinks.

– If your player fouls another person, take a pull or chug half your beer.

– If both of the players you selected foul each other, shotgun a beer or take a shot.

– Specialty rule for Thunder fans: every time Kevin Durant gets fouled, make a hissing snake sound and drink to celebrate the snake getting what he deserves, because Thunder fans aren’t bitter at all.

The Game Ends When:

This game can end in two ways. When the basketball game officially ends, or when one person’s player gets the MVP and can give more drinks than that basketball player is giving money in child support. By the end of the night, a series that you may have not been all that interested in will become very exciting. You may become more invested in your selected players than ever thought possible, assuming you didn’t blackout and can actually remember who you selected the night before.

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