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Drinking Game: Communal Cup


Do you like swapping spit with all of your friends? Are you a fan of contracting mono? Well if so, then this drinking game is for you. Don’t worry, though, the alcohol should sterilize most everything, right?


What You’ll Need:

A die, a handle of hard liquor, a case of beer, and enough red Solo cups for everyone to have their own drink, plus one extra cup for the center of the playing space.


Number of Players:

As many as you can fit around the table.


Level Of Intoxication:

You’ll actually think what you’re drinking tastes good.


How To Play:

– Place the extra red Solo cup in the center of a table and fill it 3/4 full with beer.

– Every player should fill up their own cup with a drink of their choice.

– Starting with the youngest player then moving clockwise, roll a die and follow the instructions corresponding to that number:

– If you roll a 1, take a pull from your own drink.

– If you roll a 2, choose a player, and you both take a shot from the center cup.

– If you roll a 3, pour your drink into the center cup for three seconds.

– If you roll a 4, choose a player to take a pull from someone else’s drink.

– If you roll a 5, pick a player and you both take a shot.

– If you roll a 6, you must chug the entire cup on the table.


The Game Ends:

When your alcohol supply dries up and you’ve all contracted a nasty disease from sharing drinks.



Posted by The Black Sheep on Monday, October 17, 2016

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