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Drinking Game: Medusa



The end of the semester is here and once you graduate you’ll be so busy you won’t be seeing your dear friend’s faces for months on end. Luckily this game is filled with intense eye contact so you’ll never forget what those boners look like.


What You’ll Need: 

Friends. About 20 shots. Snakes (optional).


Number of Players: 

As many as can fit around your card table. The more the merrier.


Level of Intoxication: 

At least three of you won’t even make it to the bar.


How To Play:

-Sit around a table and cover that table with shots.

-The game begins with everyone holding their head down on the table.

-Everybody counts to three and raises their head to stare at another player.

-If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re in the clear. If you and a fellow player are locked in uncomfortable eye contact you both scream “MEDUSA!” and do a shot – maintaining eye contact throughout.

-If you have any snakes another element can be added to the game. Someone will place a snake on the head of each player who locked eye contact with someone. Whoever lets the snake fall off their head first loses and has to do an extra shot.


The Game Ends When:

The table runs out of shots, no one is physically able to make eye contact anymore, or someone gets bit by a snake.


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