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Drinking Game: Mustaches

Everyone loves a nice ‘stache. Whether it be the handlebar mustache, the dad mustache, the news anchor ‘stache, there is truly a mustache style for everyone. With the amount of hype surrounds mustaches in this day and age, we just had to make a drinking game about them.


What You’ll Need:

A TV, some construction paper, scissors, tape, a movie or TV show of your choice, beer, wine, and hard liquor, and a strong stomach.


Number of Players:

As long as there’s at least one player, it’s a party.



Level of Intoxication:

Depending on how long the program you watch is, the level of intoxication can vary from buzzed to completely tanked.


How to Play:

– Cut three different types of mustaches out of paper for variety’s sake. Tape them to the TV in random spots.

– Pick a movie or TV show that you aren’t invested in, like anything on FOX News.

– When the drinking commences, you won’t be able to pay too close attention to the program anyway.

– Assign a drink (beer, wine, or liquor) to each mustache, and write it on each ‘stache.

– As you watch your selected programming, watch for the instances where the mustache lines up with a character’s face. When it does, drink whatever was assigned to that mustache – a gulp of beer, a gulp of wine, or a shot.

– Repeat until the program has ended. If you’re feeling brave, watch another.


The Game Ends When:

End the game if you or any other players realize how cool everyone looks with a mustache, and go to the bathroom to try and style their own. Careful, you’re guaranteed to cut yourself.


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