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Drinking Game: Roll The Bones

Hard times come for all of us. Sometimes, the hard times come up suddenly – the death of a beloved pet, or the sudden infidelity of a significant other. If you need some consistency in your life, know this: playing this simple game of chance will get you really, really wasted every time.


What You’ll Need:
A bottle of booze for each player. We recommend a 40 oz. bottle of King Cobra wrapped in a paper bag, but it’s up to you to pick your poison. Also, each player needs a die and any good luck charm that you may possess.

Number of Players: One to four.

Level of Intoxication:
Although this is a game of chance, it’s likely that all participants will be rather sloshed – sloshed enough to feel better about the things weighting them down, or sloshed enough to forget about their troubles completely.


How to Play:
– All players sit down facing each other. To play up the quiet, down-on-his-luck nature of the game, play huddled on a street corner or in a damp flophouse.

– After completing any good luck rituals, each player rolls their die.

– Compare your rolls. The player with the highest number must drink for the number of seconds shown on the die (this is why we don’t recommend hard liquor).

– In the event of a tie, the players who tied must roll again.

– Roll the bones again and again.

The Game Ends When:
You have a nice buzz going. The weight of the world has at last been lifted off your shoulders and you can finally breathe. But that would be kind of a lame time to stop, wouldn’t it now?


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