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Drinking Game: Space Jam

Everybody get up, it’s time to slam (down some beers) now, we got a real jam (going down our throats, because in this situation jam is beer and you will drink some while watching this movie.)


What You’ll Need: A DVD (or VHS!) of this epic film and a few brews.

Number of Players: However many people it takes to get Bill Murray to make a cameo.

Level of Intoxication: You’re going to take this thing into overtime.


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How to Play:

Drink one when every non-Michael Jordan NBA player makes a cameo.

-Drink one any time Wayne Knight (Newman) makes an appearance on screen.

-Drink one each time a new Loony Toon makes an appearance.

-Drink one when “retired” is uttered.

-Drink two when any character breaks the fourth wall.

-Drink two when any of Michael Jordan’s endorsements are mentioned in the movie.

-Drink two anytime someone does something on the basketball court that is decidedly out of the realm of possibility.

-Drink three the first instance of a pun or alliteration (Ex: Monstars or Moron Mountain) is used.


The Game Ends When: Those evil Monstars leave the court in shame.

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