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Drinking Game: The Oscars 2016 Bingo


The Oscars are here this weekend, and not without controversy! So while a few celebrities are opting out of award season and boycotting the show, we here at The Black Sheep thought we’d have a little fun with the Academy Awards and turn it into a drinking game. All you need for this game is a group of friends, your drink of choice, and one of several bingo cards that you can find below.


How to Play:

As you watch the Oscar’s this weekend, keep an eye on your bingo card. The card is comprised of things that’ll most likely happen at the Oscars. Each time one of these things happen, take a drink and mark it off on your board. When you get Bingo (5 things across vertically, horizontally, or diagonally if you truly didn’t know that already) shout BINGO! Next, make a short award acceptance speech to commemorate this special moment. Finally, choose a friend to either finish their drink or take a shot. That’s the perks of winning Bingo.


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Keep playing after you win! It’s more fun if the game keeps going. Black Sheep Oscar’s Bingo is the second best thing to actually walking the red carpet yourself.


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