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ECU 1001: 5 Steps to Tailgating

Alright, guys, class is in session. The time has come to talk about the one thing that sets us East Carolina Pirates apart from any other secondary institution… TAILGATING.





This upcoming weekend marks the first Saturday game of the ECU Football season! Mark this day in your calendars Pirates; we’ve got you covered on your game day essentials.


1.) Beware the dress code:




The first step to a successful game day is your outfit. For Saturday’s game against Navy, break out your best East Carolina apparel and strut your stuff! Add a Pee Dee face tattoo and some crazy headgear, and you’ll fit right in. Some of our match-ups have color themes, like purple or gold, so make sure you keep your ear to the ground during game week, or else you’ll show up in the wrong color and embarrass yourself. I know, you’re probably thinking “Come on, be reasonable; there’s no way it could be that humiliating.” Imagine 20,000 students wearing purple in The Boneyard… Now imagine being the one guy who missed the memo and wore gold.


‘Nuff said.


2.) Stock up the YETI:




Variety in your adult beverages is a must for your tailgating experience. If you go with a good ol’ case of Bud Light, this is always a win-win in the tailgate world as it’s relatively cheap and definitely doesn’t taste like hops and mop water. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try some of the local brews. Mother Earth Brewing operates out of Kinston and always has something cool to try (their Weeping Willow Wit is a fave here in G-Vegas). Now, if it’s an early game, you might want to change it up a bit and go with some mimosas! Sip that orange juice like the classy Pirates you are; pinky out and Red Solo cup high. After you decide what you want to whet your whistle, you can then prepare a cooler. Let’s be honest, guys; no one likes warm beer, so don’t forget the ice!


3.) Trick out your transportation:


ecu rv


After your beer’s all chilled and ready to go, you must arrive in style. There are two ways to get to your tailgate destination: your own two legs, or a set of wheels. If you walk, you should probably recruit someone whose muscle game is on fleek to carry that heavy cooler from tailgate to tailgate. If you drive, be prepared to show your school spirit in style! Find a truck that has a loaded down bed (or hitch a ride with one of the ever abundant “bros” on campus), invite all your peeps, and spend the entirety of the trip screaming the Fight Song at the top of your lungs. Or, if you don’t want to lose your voice, you can hit up Walmart and get a few decals, flags, and signs. Heads will surely turn when you run through downtown with your Woes!


4.) Pick the perfect spot:




Everyone understands how absolutely CRUCIAL the tailgate spot is. Too close to campus and you could end up getting busted by ECU’s friendly men in blue; too far away and you could end up too toasted to make your way to the game. The best tailgate spots are secret, and for good reason too. Most people start setting up around 9 AM, so if you’re scoping for an open space, do it before then or you’ll get creamed by all those pimped out RVs. Remember that towing and tickets are real things, so don’t just go plopping down all willy-nilly, or you could lose some green… or worse, your ride.


5.) Put your game face on:





Party games, that is! A staple at Pirate tailgates, these games are the real reason why alumni keep coming back year after year for the same old Purple and Gold. As per tradition, you must be well versed in the rules of cornhole, beer pong, flip cup and beer bonging. Without these four games, it’s not really an ECU tailgate, and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. Be sure to brush up on your knowledge, and don’t worry if you’re not a pro. Just go on out there and participate, and as long as you crack a few beers and have some fun, no one will even notice that you aren’t any good.


There you have it, peeps! You now have all the knowledge you need to crush every tailgate for the rest of the season. And remember, on game day, “PURPLE!” must always be met with a rousing “GOLD!”. Always. No exceptions.

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