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Eight Classic Games to Play on Valentine’s Day (with Boobs!)


If there are two things The Black Sheep loves, they’re childhood memories, and boobs. While a good pair of pillows never gets old, sometimes playing a whole game of Monopoly can be tedious. To bring some much-needed pizzazz into the games you kind of loved growing up, we’ve compiled a list of classic games that you can play (with boobs) over Valentine’s weekend.


8.) Rack-O:

The initial goal of Rack-O was to fill the little slots in your rack with cards in ascending order. When you add boobs to the game, you’re also playing with the little slot in a rack to get some ascending in order. In Rack-O, as in life, you can’t win without cleavage.


7.) Don’t Break the Ice:

The satisfying nervous tension that came with tapping the ice cubes with that little hammer is equal to that of pulling out a giant Jenga brick at Rama. And also, oddly, to tapping any part of any boob with literally anything. Simple things for simple minds, we suppose.


6.) Connect Four:

As with the game from your childhood, the name says it all in the boobs version as well. Find two pairs, push them together to connect four of them, everyone wins.

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5.) Hungry, Hungry Hippos:

Those spherical things don’t really have any flavor, but the goal of the game is to fill your mouth with as much as you possibly can. This will involve a lot of rolling around, aimlessly pushing buttons, and weird mouth movements, but there’s no penalty for getting sloppy or letting them fly all over the place.


4.) Twister:

Flick the spinner and let it tell you exactly where you should put your hands. Or feet. Or anything. Be prepared to test the limits of your flexibility when getting boobs involved with this game.


3.) Bop It:

Bop it! Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!


2.) Don’t Wake Daddy:

In this realistic board game, Daddy sleeps in the middle of the kitchen knowing full well that the little shits that are his kids will try to get into the refrigerator for a snack. Once you turn 18, though, it becomes even more important you don’t wake Daddy, because Daddy doesn’t take too well to you playing boob games with his daughter.  


1.) Ouija:

Things start getting a little weird whenever Ouija gets involved. Gently place your hands on the… well, boobs, close your eyes, and leave the rest up to fate. You may end up learning something you’ve never imagined before, or getting your little demon to rise up and demand attention.  


Whenever boobs get involved, things tend to get a lot more fun. Don’t let this Valentine’s Day be bland and forgetful. Add some cleavage and a few bottles of wine, and let the games begin!


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