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Going to High School Parties as a College Student

There’s a type of person we’ll call a “Hometown Hero” who sees college as the end of a glorious high school career. These were the smartest kids in class, the star athletes, or the kid who spent after school hours with the hot French teacher (damn it, Garrett, you were so cool). So it’s only natural these types of people have different experiences, when going back home to congratulate their underclass friends on graduating from the Factory of Sadness (read: high school).


Return of a Hometown Hero

It’s an important night for your friends, but it’s more important to remind them that you are and will always be the big man on campus. You show up to the party in your letterman jacket, with your polished state championship ring, making sure your buddies who only got to the second round of the playoffs can see it.


You’re drinking a lot and trying to get everyone to go over to the rival high school graduation party to start a fight. You can’t be blamed though, because you’re with your boys and the memories are coming back; the late hit, the last second touchdown pass to win the game, and the fight afterwards. It’s getting you very emotional.


You see your high school sweetheart, she went out of state so she could “find herself” or some selfish crap like that, but you reconnect over a mutual hatred of theatre class and the night ends like a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. High school remembers you and will always treat you well.


Revenge of The Nerds

You could have gone your whole life without coming back, but your acne has cleared up, you’ve been hitting the gym, and you no longer need a retainer. You’re happy for your friends, but this is a day to show people you’ve gone from being Lewis Skolnick to Ryan Gosling.


Your old classmates and friends don’t recognize you as you make your social rounds, but as the night is going on and; though, you enjoy the attention a sudden realization strikes, you’re bored out of your gourd.


You’re used to the late night crowds of the bars packed with beautiful campus coeds, but some of the girls here are still 17 and you’ve known them since they were in kindergarten, not the sexiest image. You end up spending the rest of the night driving kids home and holding hair out of toilets. It wasn’t the night you were expecting, but in a way its what you needed. You were for the first time the absolute coolest guy at the party.


In the end high school parties end up being a gauge to see how much you’ve grown up since high school. It’s a chance to see your old friends act a fool and make you laugh. Coming back for that first summer, getting that rush of nostalgia, it’s just something you have to do once… and then never again.

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