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Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls: A Recap

For those of you hoo missed it, our illustrious football team made their season debut against the UCLA Bruins on Saturday at Scott Stadium. Football stuff happened, we all sang the Good Ole Song, and the thought of hooking up with a UVa Dad crossed the minds of at least three Third Years — all in all, a pretty typical game day at UVa. However, the real story was that the first game of the year means the return of the annual Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls Event.


Because we UVa students have to make everything more elitist, it is a tradition at Mr. Jefferson’s University to dress up for the first football game of the season. Or really, all football games, all the time. This provides a sea of wonderfully well-dressed students to distract the other team as well as the “well at least we look better than them” fallback when we inevitably lose in disastrous fashion. For those of you who weren’t there, here’s a breakdown of Saturday’s events. 


8 a.m.– Kegs and Eggs. Seasoned Hoo gamedayers started the day off right with a healthy breakfast before watching our 2-10 team play a nationally ranked team.


10 a.m.- Alumni rolled in and started tailgating. Some of us made a crucial and slowed down, which almost always leads to missing the game. The rest kept up appearances and made it to see CavMan, who’s always just dying to see your outfit.


12 p.m. – Kickoff. At this point, everyone in their Nantucket Reds, Sperrys, and Lilly Pulitzer dresses finally made it to The Hill and were ready to watch the game. Bowties and sorority buttons in place, everyone spent the next two quarters greeting, taking Snapchat selfies and complimenting each other’s outfits.


2 p.m. – Things started to get a little hazy around halftime. In any other game, this would have been the time Wahoos abandon all hope and pray the Little John’s isn’t too long. However, Saturday was a special day and the game kept fans riveted through the duration of the 4th quarter. From what we can remember, at least — this might be us actually remembering an epic flip cup battle before the game.


4 p.m. – Game’s over. We didn’t lose too terribly, but hey, at least you looked good — even if at that point your outfit was covered in popcorn, sweat, and the Jack that spilled out of your hidden flask. It’s time to take yourself home and nap so that you can make it out to Boylan and hopefully catch a glimpse of Matt Johns — whose popularity just soared through the roof. 


10 p.m. – Many casually willed their way to start drinking again so as to have a reason to get off the couch and make it down to the Corner to celebrate the not-so-terrible-loss. Of course, everyone made sure to keep wearing the ties and pearls so everyone knew they were at the game and therefore are troopers, despite the fact that they just sat in a corner, sunburnt and staring dead-eyed at the lone whiskey Coke that wasn’t “going down so hot.” 


So there you have it, a recap of a glorified UVa tradition. Although it only comes around once a year, personally, we can’t wait until next Saturday when we get to break out the pearls and bowties again just because we can. Let’s go Wahoos! 

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