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How to Avoid the On Campus Starbucks Line

If you’ve ever stood in that 20-minute line at the on-campus Starbucks, you know that the wait is well worth it. Boys and girls, men and women, teachers and students from all around Fayetteville come to enjoy the delicious Starbucks treats and drinks. A fall favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, is being yelled out for Savannah, Haley, or Kyle, and it seems like the baristas never get a break.


With the restaurant-like rush between classes and the people who think they can beat the line while others are in class, there is absolutely no way around waiting in the parade for your daily caffeine dose. So, you’re running late for class but need your coffee, how do you avoid being 30 minutes late to class with your only excuse being that you were stuck in the Starbucks line? The Black Sheep brings you tips on how to beat that wait. 


Make a friend at the front of the line. Wave at someone who looks like they’re about to order. Odds are they’ll ignore you or look around thinking that you’re waving to someone else. Surprise them by walking right up to them and giving them a big hug and asking how their day is going. You are now at the front of the line and, bonus, you’ve made a new friend! If those in the back of the line notice your treachery, just put your hand on your new friends’ shoulder and say, “hey, I’m really sorry about your aunt,” the confusion will cover up your deception.


Don’t order a complicated drink. Most of the time, the reason why you’re waiting so long is because you’re waiting for the drink you ordered. It’s not their fault you just waited 10 minutes in line and another 15 minutes for a soy Caramel Macchiato with no milk, extra shot of soy, no whipped cream, but with a little whipped cream, another shot of soy and extra caramel. A Pike Place Roast with room for cream will get you out of the craziness in no time.


Become a barista. There are a lot of perks to becoming one of the infamous people who serve the delicious Starbucks drinks. For example, you’d get paid to make drinks, you would get to make all the free drinks for yourself that you want, and you’d never have to wait in that line. All you’d need to do is fill out an application and express your love for Starbucks and you’re in for sure.


Make your own coffee. This is the caveman way of avoiding the caffeine line, but hear us out. It’s a lot of fun to spend like $8 on some coffee that’ll get you adrenalized for the day. But, it’ll end up being a lot cheaper to go to Walmart, buy a coffee pot for around $10 and some coffee grounds. Make a cup or two before you go to class and you’re set for the day. Yay for saving money, and no waiting!


Yes, Starbucks tastes awesome, but there are many other coffee places and options on campus that rarely have any lines. Au Bon Pain, Arsaga’s, and Club Red all have coffee for usually under $3. If you follow our techniques, however, you may find a compromise when dealing with the “around the block” line at our beloved U of A Starbucks.  

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