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How to Play the Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek in Joyner Library


As Pirates, each one of you has probably spent many of your all-nighters in the infamous “Club Joyner.” Whether it was a group project or a paper, you can all agree that it was absolute hell. When was the last time you can actually recall doing something fun in Joyner? Chances are you can’t, but that’s not anything The Black Sheep can’t fix. It’s time for you to stop thinking of Joyner as the place where dreams go to die, and start thinking of it as the land of opportunity. 




Has it ever dawned on you just how big Joyner is? The possibilities of what to do with a space that size are endless, but what better to do than play the ultimate game of hide-and-seek? Here’s how to play: 


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1.) Make Teams or Free for All:

If the number of players is odd or the group is small, a free-for-all is your best bet. If you decided to break into teams, at least four players in each team should be enough. Get creative, wear colored jerseys, or opt for shirts and skins (be advised you might be removed from the library for public indecency).




2.) Location, Location, Location:

Joyner Library has four floors and a basement, meaning that there’s more than enough places to hide. Duck out in special collections, tuck yourself away in any of the cubicles conveniently located on the second and third floor, or even wait out the game in one of the bathroom stalls. If you’re feeling like this might be a particularly long match, try setting up camp in a vacant study room or comfortably nestling yourself in between the moving bookshelves in the basement. Be prepared and equip yourself with snacks from Joyner’s Starbucks beforehand; there’s no telling how long you’ll be waiting till someone finds you.



3.) When in Doubt, Blend It Out (Or in):

For those with poor hiding skills, when it comes to hide-and-seek, hiding in plain sight and trying to blend in is probably your best bet. No you’re not hiding, you’re just ordering from Starbucks, or some random person that just so happened to fall asleep while doing work, or a viewer of the Faulkner Gallery. Make yourself look as natural as possible, without a doubt the seeker(s) will walk right past you.



4.) Up the Ante:

If you really are looking to make this the most interesting game of indoor hide-and-seek you’ve ever played, get wild and add Nerf guns into the mix.



Seekers are granted the guns while hiders are the target. If a seeker finds you and shoots you then you’re out, but if a seeker finds you and they fail to shoot you, you have the opportunity to hide again (hopefully in a better place this time). 


5.) Go Big or Go Home:

This is the ultimate game of hide-and-seek, so why not have and ultimate prize to go with it?




Prizes can be anything from losers take winners out to EC Pho or losers have to do winners laundry for a month, hopefully in better washing machines than the ones in Fleming; the options open as long as there’s something large at stake. 


If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to play the most hyped up game of hide-and-seek of your life.


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