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Pitt’s Bartender of the Week: Tori from Carson City Saloon

Name: Tori

Bar: Carson City Saloon

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Legal studies

Favorite Drink: Screwdriver

Favorite Shot: Jello shots, or vodka.

Disgusting Drink: Anything with gin!


Whats going to be all the drinkin rage this school year?: Jello shots on Friday and Saturday nights, or the $2.50 margaritas on Friday!


Wheres the best place for a sneaky makeout sesh in Carson City Saloon?: Definitely the basement hallway.


Whats the best thing that happened to you this summer?: Well… I’m still waiting.


Whats something you wish someone told you when you were a freshman?: Always be friendly, but never be fake!


Which 2 swear words are best put together?: Fucking shit.


What is the laziest way to avoid the freshman 15?: Always walk to class in a hurry because you’re running late to burn calories, and avoid fried foods at Market!


What is the spirit animal of your most sexual fantasy?: A campus squirrel, because, they’re very hyper, all over campus… and like, nuts.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?: It’s written by drunk people, for drunk people!

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