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Recipe For Disaster: Carbo-Loading Casserole

Everything is a casserole for some reason, because when you think about it, what isn’t a casserole? Pizza: dough and tomato sauce casserole. Burger: bread and meat casserole. Pasta: wheat and sauce casserole. This recipe is also a casserole, no special dish required. It’s carbo-tastic!


What You’ll Need: The carb-iest carbo-loaded foods you can find. We used pasta, bread, potatoes, and flour.


Cook Time: Oh, an hour.


Fatty Factor: 10,000% of your daily recommended carbohydrate intake.


Let’s Get Baked:

– Cook pasta to al dente. (That means cook for the least amount of time possible so the pasta is still hard.)

– Boil potatoes to al dente. (That probably means the same thing, potatoes are kind of hard, right?)

– Toast the bread to al dente. (Hard bread, just another word for “toast.”)

– Place the al dente bread on the bottom of your casserole dish. (Joke’s on you fools, we said it wasn’t required, but it totally is.)

– Place boiled potatoes on top of hard bread. (Ensure that the potatoes are dry beforehand to prevent soaking wet—and not hard—bread.)

-Place pasta on top of potatoes and sprinkle a healthy amount of flour on top of pasta to taste.

– Bake at 400 degrees until the flour starts to brown.

– Eat before every workout.

– Ignore the (nonexistent) flavor.

– Gain.


Bulking season is not about eating delicious food, so you’re  going to have to hunker down and force-feed this casserole to yourself if you want to be swole (Do people still say “swole?”) Basic carb foods are extremely inexpensive, so this meal shouldn’t break the bank, but it will break the maximum weight you can lift. You’ll be benching 500 lbs within the week and 1,000 lbs at the end of the month.

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