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Recipe for Disaster: Hedge With Veg


Last semester you had to convince yourself that it was only the freshman 15, not the senior 60. Well, the holidays didn’t help one bit. Whether it was Aunt Kathy’s gingersnaps or your drunk uncle’s hit of Fireball, the break turned you into a calorie vacuum. But, you’re heading into 2016 with a healthy mindset—and it starts with going vegetarian. Kind of.


What You’ll Need:

– White bread


– Peanut butter


– Bread and butter pickles


Fatty Factor:

You’ll be squeezing into your slightly-less-fat jeans by May.


Cook Time:

Depends on how much of your supply your roommate—DAMMIT TED!– scarfed over break. It might be time for a trip to the store.


Let’s Get Baked:

-Grab a few slices of bread. At 100 calories a pop, you’re looking good.


-Spread however much peanut butter you want on one slice of white bread. Remember, each tablespoon has 95 calories so…10 tablespoons?


-Place pickles on top of the peanut butter. They have like, no calories. Hey! Maybe you should just eat pickles.


-Place the other piece of bread on top.


-Enjoy your 1200 calories of weight-loss heaven.



Hey, if this salty-and-sweet combo ain’t your jam, you’re in luck! It’s scientifically proven that not eating is a great way to lose weight. If you think about it, 2016 is already off to a roaring start.



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