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Snoop Dogg Spotted On Grounds

This week Snoop Dogg, formerly Snoop Lion, spent some time on Grounds smokin’ endo, sippin’ on gin and juice. He was in town for the spring kickoff concert at nTelos Wireless Pavilion Downtown. In case you missed the party of the what? The party of the year, here’s a quick recap of what happened that night.


The show opened with DJ, but, in truth, it was difficult to discern whether that was a person playing songs on purpose or the house music that is supposed to play between sets. On the upside, this gave the crowd more time to keep drinking and whatnot before Snoop came on.


When he did take the stage, the audience went nuts barking (which in the language of Snoop Dogg is a good thing). He had a whole crew with him that was able to drop it like it’s hot with the best of them.


In an emotional tribute that had the audience on the brink of tears, Snoop did a touching tribute to both Biggie and Tupac in a stunning example of peace and cooperation. Snoop is currently among the biggest proponents in the rap/hip-hop industry for ditching the east coast/west coast violence of the 80’s, just proving that Snoop really is an inspiration for everyone… or he just prefers to smoke weed instead of fight. Or both.


The set also included a couple of surprise hits, Akon’s “I Want to Love You,” which everyone and their mother forgot that Snoop was even featured in, and an entire recorded version of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll.” We’re pretty sure Snoop just got tired and needed a smoke break during these songs, but that only added to the authenticity of his performance.


The biggest surprise was the tribute to Bob Marley at the end of the show that had everyone jammin’. However, before the song was over, Snoop shady bounced his own concert without so much as a word and no encore. In fact, most of the crowd was confused about what was happening when it was suddenly over. It’s a pretty good plan, actually, confuse the crowd so you can get away. Props, Snoop. No one even noticed.


The whole show was over and done with by 10:15 which was also nice because it gives everyone a chance to hit up bars downtown with the new friends in Looney Tunes jerseys that they made at the concert and talk about how Snoop is such an inspiration. Pictures with Snoop are definitely the hottest trend on Insta these days, anyone who’s anyone was there and got one. Don’t feel bad though, we’re sure you can catch the next time a major rap icon comes to little ol C-ville.


(Snoop, if you’re reading this, feel free to tell your friends to come visit).

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