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St. Patrick’s Day Bartender of the Week: The Board and Brew’s Brian


Name: Brian

Bar: The Board and Brew

Relationship Status: Married

Major: Computer science

Favorite Drink: Long Island Iced Tea

Favorite Shot: Irish Car Bomb

Disgusting Drink: Cement Mixer


St. Pat drove the snakes out of Ireland, what does St. Patrick’s Day drive out?:

Sober people.


What drunk food goes best with green beer?:

Shepherd’s pie.


How can we make St. Patrick’s Day 50% sexier?:

More beer.


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5 words to describe St. Patrick’s Day at The Board and Brew:

Drunk, fights, green, shamrock, fun.


How would you describe college St. Patrick’s Day to a 5-year-old?:

It’s really green.


How would people dress on a drinking holiday dedicated to Italians?:

With less green, I guess.


What’s the luckiest you’ve ever been?:

The day The Board and Brew opened.


What would you name a porno starring 2 leprechauns?:

Four-some Leaf C-lover


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

For good luck.


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