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That’s So Lexington


There are so many things that make our city great, and much different from other college towns. Here at The Black Sheep, we decided to break down a couple of those things that we can all relate to about this city. Whether it’s good or bad qualities, they’re what we all know and love.


Bipolar Weather:

As Lexington seems to be slightly south of the Midwest, our weather would tell you otherwise. We can wake up with 30-degree weather in the middle of March and go to class with puffy jackets and bean boots, and by the afternoon be rocking those norts and Chaco’s. Does it make sense? Not at all. Is it infuriating? Always. But we love it here in the heart of Kentucky.


Shitty Parking:

Whether it’s on campus or off campus, you’re 100% sure to have to deal with shitty parking. On campus, there is literally no parking anywhere, and if you don’t have a pass for one of UK’s horribly placed lots, you’re screwed. Might as well leave your car at home because it’ll get towed or booted anyways. Downtown, it’s all street parking. So if you failed the parallel parking during your driver’s test, maybe you should take some time trying to learn or it seems that you’ll be spending an awful lot of money on Ubers.


Towing Basically Anywhere:

Let’s say you finally find a spot, miraculously (yay!). Wait, it says “tow zone.” Oh well, I’ll be quick…nope! Here in Lexington, you’ll get towed eventually. If not you, one of your friends. It will happen, and always at the worst possible times. Even if you think you’ll be quick, Metro Towing is lurking around every corner and crevice waiting to make a couple of dirty dollars from broke college kids. They say if Young Metro don’t trust you… well, they don’t. They’ll tow you faster than you can say, “Wait, I left my wallet in there!” Oops.


Sketchy Liquor Stores:

Here in Lexington, we’ve got some of the world’s sketchiest liquor stores. You aren’t 21? They probably won’t ask for your ID, anyways. They only care about making money, as they should. We love and respect you, sketchy liquor stores. Keep doing you… please. We couldn’t make it without you.


Burning Furniture in Celebration:

During March Madness (usually), we party like a bunch of crazed barbarians and celebrate our basketball team by lighting basically anything that will burn on fire. Your couch? Torch it. Your bed? The bigger, the better. Your shirt? Twirl it around while it’s on fire! Staying classy doesn’t apply to State Street, Wildcats. Last year, the Lexington fire marshal passed out fliers to State Street homes and surrounding streets warning of fire safety… but those were just used to fuel the fire! GO CATS!


Finding Beer Cans Literally Anywhere:

It’s never questioned finding beer cans in random parking lots in Lexington. Whether you’re parking at the Library to study or downtown to get lunch, you’ll most likely see a beer can on the side of the road or in the parking lot. Extra points if you run it over with your car.


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