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The 5 Weirdest Clubs at UConn

The UConn involvement fair truly stands by the fact that there is something for everyone. If you were not able to experience the claustrophobic chaos that is the involvement fair, stayed tuned. Some of these clubs really go off the grid, but The Black Sheep put in the work to compile a list of some of the weirdest (coolest?) clubs on campus.


5.) Dumbledore’s Army:
Get out your broomsticks because Quidditch just became all too real. Ever sit on the couch for 48 consecutive hours because the Harry Potter marathon was on? Fear not, there are others out there as well, wishing they boarded at 9 and ¾ rather than their mom’s minivan to Storrs.


4.) Barbells Club:
Pretty sure Arnold Schwarzenegger founded this club back in the day. A collective unit of beefed up men who survive off protein power and compliments about their muscles. If you find yourself unable to fit through doorways because you’re too jacked, this is the group for you. We’d say something about their penis size, but everyone knows they’re tiny. Proportionally though! Or something.


3.) Gamer’s Guild:
Attention! To all those gamers hiding out with their PS4s in a dank, depressing dorm – come out and see the sunshine! Well, only to unite with similar hermits who share a passion for Halo. This club does not discriminate against old fashioned games either, just don’t let your Settler’s addiction become a problem. One day you’re innocently trading wheat for sheep on a rainy day in Storrs, the next day you’re suckin’ dick for brick behind Huskies. 


2.) Kendo Club:
This club sounds dangerous, and involves long dark cloaks. Luckily the meetings appear to be indoors because these duels would surely wreak havoc on the center of the Quad. The power lies within the sword. Kendo club fights with wooden swords but that doesn’t mean the don’t PAY THE IRON PRICE. THEY DO NOT SOW… sorry.


1.) Yoyo Club:
Do you have literally nothing but free time and a skill only 1 out of 1,000 people possess? For the first time since walking the dog for mad bitches at recess, there is finally a place to showcase the skills you’ve been honing for in the 10 years since. BYOY though, because at ~20 dollars a pop for generic low-brow yoyos, this club doesn’t come cheap. Talk to us when you’ve got the YoyoJam Collid3r. You don’t fucks with the YoyoJam Collid3r. 


It’s time to build those resumes because shouldn’t Kendo sword fighting and discipline get you the job over the presumably coked-up Finance Society? It’s time to exit your comfort bubble of mainstream community outreach and to find your true self in the heart of the UConn Rec Center, or surrounded by video game controllers.


PS: If you’re looking to join a club that the university “won’t let into the Involvement Fair” because it’s an “egregious affront to the university student code” and “only writes about poop and dicks” you should join our team! Seriously, though, we’re hiring writers

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