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The Best East Lansing Bars for Watching MSU Away Games

Home games are the time to drink outside and pass out on your lawn. Away games are the time to stay warm in a bar and watch the game all the way through. So with our beloved Spartans hitting the road to West Lafayette this weekend The Black Sheep has developed a kick-ass list of the great bars in East Lansing to spend your away games.


The Riv: One of the many great things about The Riv is all the games they have to play. While our boys are slaughtering Purdue, you can slaughter your Purdouche grad student brother in some darts or some pool. 


PT’s: Legend says that one afternoon, two members of The Black Sheep did every shot on the shot wheel and walked out alive. We don’t recommend doing it all in one day, but hitting up PT’s for away games can help achieve your goal of eventually conquering the shot wheel. 


Dublin: For that classic pub feel with the drinks and food to match, Dublin is where it’s at. We don’t have the Fighting Irish on our schedule this year, so we can enjoy delicious Irish treats guilt-free during any game on the schedule. 


Hopcat: Going to Hopcat for an away game rocks. With over 100 beers on tap (even Hamm’s!!!) everybody gets what they want– including a Spartan win. 


Harper’s: Cuddle up with a Spartan Wheat (or your other favorite Harper’s brew) and wait for Mike Sadler’s booty to walk on the field and make the game.


Crunchy’s: Buckets of food. Let us repeat that: Buckets. Of. Food. So many kinds of sliders, burgers, and beers, you may be too distracted to watch the game, so go for the Indiana game, you won’t miss much. 


Peanut Barrel: The Peanut Barrel is an awesome spot for people who love MSU. It’s a great place to stop when your dad comes down so you can hear about how he made out with Cindy Kazinski over by the dartboard.  


Woody’s: Sometimes you want something a little healthier with your Spartan football game. Woody’s is perfect for that. Snack on some meat pie, cheese pie or dip into your favorite type of hummus while those creeps in Maryland eat softshell crab. Gross. 


Peppino’s: If pizza is your choice game food, Peppino’s is a no-brainer. Buffalo chicken pizza, chicken Alfredo pizza, good ol’ meat lovers, or you can build your own pizza and be in game day heaven. 


Buffalo Wild Wings: B-Dubs is obviously the place to get wings, get ‘em sweet, get ‘em mouth-murdering hot, whatever you’re into, you’ll get them here. And with so many games on, you can watch the Spartans beat the Boilermakes and then watch the slap-fight between the Nittany Lions and the Wolverines. 


Stateside Deli: The Saturday special is 50¢ Keystone from 4p.m. to midnight. Hello, night games. You can easily get drunk enough to guess the words to the Alma Mater on your walk home.


Rick’s: After a solid win, Rick’s is the place to go to celebrate. Or on the rare occasion that we lose a game, still head over to Rick’s and shake it ‘til you forget there was even a game that day. 


Don’t spend the away games at home studying quietly on your futon, go out and make some beautiful memories with your friends at each and every one of these bars this football season—it’s The Black Sheep’s challenge to you.

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