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The Black Sheep Goes To: Austin City Saloon Karaoke Night


It’s Wednesday night, you haven’t a thing to do. Most people don’t start the party until Thursday, but what’s stopping you from getting schwifty a day early? Maybe you are looking for a place to get your jam on. Well look no further than Lexington’s own Austin City Saloon! Having been rocking the Big Blue Nation since 1981, the Austin City Saloon is often well known for their live music most Friday and Saturday nights. Some new things that ACS has started doing is their Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. where you get half price off of any and all drinks, and their karaoke nights on Wednesday, with a never ending happy hour. The Black Sheep set out to see what their karaoke night was like, plus who doesn’t want an excuse to get drunk on a Wednesday?


8:53 p.m. Never having been before, we had heard that the bar is very much country, so we made sure to put on our best cowboy boots and flannel shirts (We called ourselves Power Rangers: Flannel Force) before going out. One thing that really drew our interest of the Austin City Saloon was that the bar allows you to bring in any food you want, so we swung by a pizza place before getting to the bar. We made note that there was an IHOP right down the street, and figured pancakes would also make a good drinking buddy.


9:12 p.m. This place has a lot of seating, making it great for groups of people. We all decide to get some drinks ($2 FOR A BOTTLE OF WOODCHUCK CIDER??!!? YES PLEASE!!!) and stuff our faces.


9:25 p.m. Not too busy right now, but karaoke doesn’t start until 10. We play some pool, get more drinks (We recommend the Jack Daniel’s Honey Peach Cobbler).


9:34 p.m. There is chalk in the bathroom! We graffiti’ed… it was great. Wonder if anyone will find the tiny black sheep we drew on the wall.


10:13 p.m. Our team wins the game of pool, securing us a free round from some sad sorority girls.


10:15 p.m. Someone gets the courage to go up on stage and sing a song. This man obviously had some liquid courage, and we’re fairly certain he is trying to serenade this woman in a pink dress.


10:24 p.m. Unfamiliar male approaches our group, tries to make awkward conversation with one of the writers. It wasn’t very effective.


10:29 p.m. DJ does a duet with different drunken man, not sure what the song was, but we’ll call it country tune #496.


10:43 p.m. In the bathroom again. Happy hour all night is a dangerous thing. At least it’s super clean in here.


10:56 p.m. There is a lull in singers, DJ offers a free shot, our editor is the first to jump off her seat to sing Whiskey Lullaby.


10:59 p.m. Free shot of Woodford. Ironic?


11:00 – 11:30ish p.m. Blurry memories. Lots of singing, lots of hard root beer. Some bourbon? We’re not sure…


11:43 p.m. Liquor in our system, songs sang, pool played. We start crashing (We know it’s early, we are a bunch of babies). One more drink before we go!


12:00 a.m. Thank the staff for their hospitality, gotta head home and nurse this soon to be hangover… (Don’t worry, we had a DD, but the staff was kind enough to ask)


Overall, this place is a great hangout on a Wednesday, or we would assume any time. The staff really gives you a good taste of Southern hospitality, and you can’t beat the price of their drinks. Whether or not you are okay with singing in front of a bunch of drunk strangers, this place is a guarantee for good times!


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