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The Black Sheep Interviews: Drunk Miamians on Missing Oxford Over Summer

With the final week of classes at our feet, we’re all cramming for exams, cranking out research papers, and begrudgingly participating in group projects. But even more sad than how incredibly busy we all are is the looming feeling of packing up our rooms and closets and moving away from Oxford for the summer. So, we took to the bars to ask people what they’re going to miss the most about our magical college town the most.


We first asked a group of four girls, trashcans in hands, what they would miss most. One of the girls proceeded to put her arms around the other three girls, and shrieked, “Living with my best friends!!” This of course brought about lots of “aw!”s and “I’m going to miss you so much!”s, even though you know in behind the scenes one of those three leaves her dishes in the sink, and the other two hate her for it.
Why we can’t blame them: Living within walking distance of all your friends makes for easy planning, easy movie and pizza nights, and most importantly, easy to move clothes from one friend’s closet to yours. Living with your parents at home means you have to drive everywhere, lest sit at home and watch SNL reruns with mom and dad. Housing a bottle of wine is frowned upon in the latter, which is why leaving Oxford is going to suck.


Later, we approached a group of boys, in an assortment of jerseys, in true Beat the Clock style, to ask what they would be missing most about being away from Oxford for the next two and a half months. It didn’t take long for one of the boys to shout, “This!” incredibly loudly, referencing Beat the Clock and day drinking.
Why we can’t blame them: College is the only time in life that we can get real drunk at 4 in the afternoon and frolic around town, drunkenly stepping into the road while going to get drunk food and going to more bars. Day drinking, Beat the Clock, Broken Clock and day parties — you will be sorely missed all summer.


Then, we asked another boy this question, and he shared with me the thing he would miss the most are the walks home from the bars or the late nights, and climbing into bed at 4 in the morning.
Why we can’t blame him: A simple pleasure that we take for granted as college students. The complete freedom to what we want, when we want, how we want. Eating sloppy nachos at 3 a.m. in your parents’ kitchen doesn’t sound very appealing when you have to get up and lifeguard at the good ol’ local pool in 5 hours. 


Finally, we made our way to another group of girls to ask the same question, but the response we got this time summarized what we think all of us are going to miss the most. One of the girls looked me in the eye, and dead panned “Drinkin’ with my bitches.” Preach, girlfriend.
Why we can’t blame them: Chilling out, drinking beers on rooftops, sharing laughs and stories, and loving the sunshine with your best friends is one of our favorite parts of the week. And damn straight, we are going to miss our friends while we’re away. Sending drunken “miss you <3” texts to your roommates just isn’t the same when you’re miles apart, and not just at another bar down the street.


We love you Oxford, thanks for providing us all with a home for 9 months out of the year. Forever in our hearts, see you in August.

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