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The Drunk Munchies: Oxford’s Top 10

It’s 2 a.m. Every bar is closing up and you just realized that you have been chugging Trashcans and Redskins all day and night. You haven’t had substantial food since yesterday. What now? It’s drunchie time. Here is the top 10 that Ox has to offer.


10.) Skyline:
The Cincinnati people never let up on it, so you might as well give it a try. Just not when you’ve had a really fun night… as in a really fun night, because the cop inside takes his job more seriously than a bomb squad technician. Bonus: It has four of a college kid’s food groups: pasta, meat, cheese, and the secret ingredient, chocolate. If only they had alcohol…


9.) Pulley Diner:
Typically a freshman move, but no shame if, after emptying your bank account at the bar, you want to save some real money (we all know meal plan money is play money). With hot and greasy moz sticks and tenders, you’re drunken mumblings will be free of complaints on the chilly walk home.


8.) Insomnia:
Who doesn’t want a warm cookie for the walk home, or better yet, delivered for when you get there. It’s like a mother’s sweet reward for surviving the night out, or at least that’s what you’ll weirdly tell the delivery driver after you have your first bite of cookie in front of him.


7.) Skipper’s:
It’s a bar and restaurant, so chug a beer then eat a burger before heading home. You’re killing two greasy, delicious birds with one drunk stone. Don’t skip Skipp’s.


6.) Fiesta Charra:
Being such a close walk from Brick and New Bar makes Charra the perfect choice post-day drinking. There is something amazing about that white queso after ripping far too many tequila shots. End with a margarita and rally on!


5.) Sushi Nara:
You know it’s going to be a good night when you pregame at Nara. Sitting around with your friends, not having to elbow your way to a bar, and popping sushi rolls like no one’s business. Almost always featured on your Instagram the following day with: #soyhappy, #GiRlzNiGhT, and #sakibomb.


4.) Bruno’s:
Everyone has a special place in their heart for Bruno Balls. When you’re drunk and walking out of Brick it’s the first thing you see. Those balls are like a glowing, hot, cheesy oasis at the end of a drunken desert.


3.) Jimmy John’s:
Much like your freshman year boyfriend, they deliver freaky fast. Perfect for when you’re drunk in bed with the spins and suddenly realize you haven’t eaten. Call up Jimmy, he’s always there for you (unlike your ex). The Turkey Tom is the move and do NOT forget the pickle.


2.) Will’s Pizza:
The top tier pizza place. It’s got it all. The grease, the cheese, the social scene, and did we mention the price?!  Can’t beat a dollar pizza slice… or eight.


1.) Bagel & Deli:
This is everything. B&D is on your mind at Brick when your dancing is coming to an end. It’s such an easy transition from already warming up your bartender summoning skills at the bar to the bar style service here. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a lifestyle.


We’re new to campus but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blindly follow us on Twitter! We promise we’re not, like, super, weird. 

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