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The Official IU Thanksgiving Break Drinking Game

So, it’s officially Thanksgiving break and in your excitement to hurry home to home-cooked meals and free laundry you forgot what’s really coming. Thanksgiving, a day where your whole stinkin’ family is together, in one place, asking you how midterms went and suggesting that you have a drinking problem. Don’t worry, The Black Sheep has you covered with this Thanksgiving drinking game to help you survive the holiday.


What You’ll Need: Your poison of choice, hidden in a flask if need be.


Number of players: Just you, yourself, and you. Unless you have a cool sibling or cousin who won’t puke in the potatoes and ruin the fun for everyone else.


Level of Intoxication: You’ve reached a point where immediately hopping in a cab back to Bloomington and hitting up the bars doesn’t sound like a crazy idea, at all.


Take a shot: When your aunt asks if you’re seeing anyone special and you have to fight back the urge to respond that your closest relationship is with a Water Long Island.


Finish your drink: When your uncle asks you about the upcoming IUBB season. Sorry Uncle Bob, can’t answer, too busy chugging this beer until you walk away. Maybe throw him a thumbs up.


Take a pull: When your pretentious cousin asks you about finite and how that midterm went.


Take another pull: When your grandma asks you how that 4.0 GPA is going and you think about finite midterm going up in flames.


Make a new drink: When your aunt asks you what you plan on doing with your major and you think that there are probably 12 year olds who have their life more put together than you.


Take a Snapchat of yourself drinking: When you miss IU and drinking with your friends. Turns out your cousin isn’t that cool, ended up puking in the potatoes, and you just really need a Dixie cup shot of Taaka with your friends at a sticky house party.


Throw one back: When you have to explain what telecommunications is to your grandpa for the fifth time while he reminds you that college isn’t free. Yes, your student loans are aware of that, thank you, but you literally plan on never ever leaving this amazing place.


Finish the bottle: When you’ve unbuttoned your pants and counted all the cash in your wallet to see if you have enough for a cab ride back to the best place in the world, IU.

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