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The Top 10 Late Night Eats of DePaul University

Whether you are out and about after a long night of drinking with your buddies because the Blackhawks are in triple OT or you are just craving an after midnight snack (read: meal), we’ve got you covered over here at The Black Sheep DePaul. You’re hungry and you’re kind of an adult at this point in your life, or so you tell your parents who call too much, and you can order four burritos if you want, dammit! So without further ado, here is the Top 10 list of great late night joints near campus: 


10.) Taco Bell:
There is something truly majestic about stumbling into the Taco Bell across from Wrigley on a warm spring night. It’s packed almost nightly with college kids, Cubs fans, and you can usually find at least one person either sleeping or screaming. It’s a staple in the neighborhood and there’s a 34% chance you might get hit in the face, which is always a little exhilarating. Wear a goalie mask?


9.) McDonald’s:
Whether you like it or not, the Mickey D’s on Clark and Fullerton has been a DePaul landmark since the dawn of time. Sure, the service isn’t great and you have to pay for ketchup (Pro tip: ask for it AFTER you’ve paid), but it gets the job done after spending your whole paycheck at Irish Eyes a mere two blocks down. Plus, 22% less chance of being punched in the face than TBell!


8.) Chicago’s Dawg House:
For whatever reason, nobody seems to talk about this not-so-hidden gem anymore, but you have our word that the food is quality. Try the alligator dog with caramelized onions. Be daring for once in your life, will ya? Right past “Piss Alley” next to the CVS. If you don’t know where Piss Alley is, have another beer.


7.) Dimo’s Pizza:
A great late night stop for some good ol’ pie. They have a large variety of pizzas that aren’t so traditional that make every drunkard that falls through the door want to order more than one slice, which you will. BONUS: They have a “Slice of the Week” that is consistently new and sometimes questionable. Also, traditional bottled Coca-Cola with cane sugar is cold in the fridge. Not that your defined palate will be able to tell the difference though, after playing slap the bag with the Zinfindel you stole from your parents, but HEY! 


6.) Devil Dawgs:
Have you ever walked down Sheffield late at night and seen what looks to be a Sperry’s riot outside of a closet-turned-garage with blaring neon lights? Well, turns out that is actually a DOPE place to get a deliciously over-priced triple bacon bar-be-cue cheeseburger at 2 a.m. Here there is no knowledge of the term “line,” but instead a flock/herd of people who are going home alone too.


5.) Bacci’s:
The only place we know where you can get a slice of pizza bigger than your face and a free pop for less than four bucks. This is the most bang for your buck by a long shot. Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 3 a.m., but prepare your body to wait in line. Maybe bring a lawn chair? Or that yoga mat you haven’t unrolled since Christmas? 


4.) My Apartment:
The doors are typically unlocked and you can find food on the coffee table most mornings. Cereal (BYO milk) is in the cupboard next to the mac’ n’ cheese (JUST ADD WATER!). If you walk towards the couch and lift up the left cushion you will likely find my stash of mini Clif bars. Just in case you’re bulking for beach season, too. 


3.) Clarke’s: If you, like me, are a “breakfast anytime, anywhere” person, this is the place for you. Open until 3 a.m. on Friday nights and 4 a.m. on Saturdays. The best part? Be warned, the one on Belmont gives you ketchup in those little plastic cups with lids nowadays, and if you ask for more (because your freedom and liberty allows for you to order EXTRA lakeshore potatoes), they’ll just give you another cup of ketchup.  


2.) Taco & Burrito Palace #2:
My favorite place for Mexican anything since 2011. They have what they call “the giant burrito” that is incidentally the ideal portion after drinking what feels like the beautiful country of Mexico’s entire beer supply in one night. Free chips and salsa. How Mexican food SHOULD be done. (Lookin’ at you, High Noon Saloon!) 


1.) Cheesie’s Pub:
Conveniently located a mere L stop north of Fullerton, this establishment may very well be the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. Imagine a place where you go to have a beer. Got it? Okay. Now picture yourself tasting that beer as a friendly man looks through the crowded room for you. Your eyes meet and you smile. He approaches you and says, “Give me your number.” As you reach for your phone he reaches past you to place your Tenderizer and grabs your #69 order card from you. You ask a stranger to pinch you and find that this is no dream. This is love.

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