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The Top 10 Weeknight Specials in Oxford

Blowing off responsibilities and looming adulthood on the weekends never suffice, which lead many Miamians to drink profusely on any day of the week. College gives us the chance to make decisions to stay up late and go to class really hungover (if at all) which we won’t be able to do after these best years of our lives are over. So instead of continuing this fruitless fight against growing up, The Black Sheep decided if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em. And to encourage this behavior, here are the best weeknight specials in Oxford.


10.) Trivia night at Skipper’s Top Deck (Wednesday)
Grab a table and some friends and go participate in one of the more competitive events in Oxford. Almost everyone in the room is cheating, so it’s really about who can cheat the fastest.


9.) $1 Margaritas at La Piñata (Tuesday until 9 p.m.)
The cups may be a little small, but who cares, it’s tequila for a buck. This could sound potentially dangerous, and that’s because it is. Starting any night out with tequila is aggressive as it is, and when that tequila is only going to be a dollar, it is easy to have “just one more.” But it’s never just one more. Ever.


8.) 90 cent shots at 45 East Bar & Grille (Tuesday)
Normally from a list of about three or four shots, 45 will hit you with something delicious and only charge you 90 cents each in celebration of the infamous 90’s night at Brick Street. When things are a dollar it’s easy to get a little out of control — but when things are 90 cents, all bets are off. So when it comes in the form of tasty shots, you might not remember your last round.


7.) $5 Red Pitchers at The Woods (Tuesday)

A sugary and equally deadly liquor pitcher for just $5 is one of The Woods’ most popular drinks. We’d put money on the fact that almost every student has woken up and regretted that second (or third) pitcher, because when it comes to pitchers full of hard booze, one is usually too many.


6.) Craft Beer night at 45 East Bar & Grille (Wednesday)
Featuring a different craft beer each week, it’s healthy to escape the Natty Light that runs through our veins the rest of the week. Developing a taste for good beer is kind of like growing up, so get drunk guilt-free! The best kind of drunk!


5.) $3 Craft Cans at Mac & Joe’s (Tuesday)
Like we said, something other than Natty. Anything.


4.) Wine Night at O Pub (Wednesday)
Normally accompanied with live music, wine night is easily one of the more classy, relaxing nights of the week. And without freshmen going crazy and vomiting everywhere, you’re gonna be able to enjoy yourself more.


3.) $2 Wells at Sushi Nara (Tuesday)
For any sort of liquor you may enjoy, Nara will mix it with a soda so you can drink, like, 10. When you’re drinking half liquor and half sugary drink, the smell of raw fish disappears relatively fast.


2.) Tini Tuesday at 3 Trees M.I.A. (Tuesday)
Enjoy a more classy experience at one of Oxford’s nicest bars with a delicious martini. Your Instagrams and attire will say you’re fancy, but secretly trying to outdrink your roommate will argue otherwise.


1.) $6 Mind Probes at 45 East Bar & Grille (Thursday)
Definitely the most popular night on this list. It’s where you can enjoy your choice of cherry or lime mind probe, a drink for which one is never enough and two will not end well. Also the third time 45 East’s been on the list… so, might as well bring your sleeping bags.


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