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Top 10 Fun Fall Activities


Does summer being over have you in a rut? Snap out of it! These 10 fall activities will have you back to your normal, upbeat, only mildly sad, self in no time!


10.) Throw Leaves into the Air:



Sometimes you just want to let go and throw some random-ass leaves into the air. Now’s the time! Find your neighbor’s pile of freshly-raked leaves, sit, throw, good.


9.) Make a Deal with the Devil:


Make a deal with the devil


Didn’t do so well on that math midterm? Not a problem. Come autumn, the Devil is all about making deals so just open up a portal to Hell in your dorm and sell your soul for anything above a “D” in your classes this semester. Already sold your soul for Cheetos last semester? Sell your roommate’s soul! It’s only worth, like, $3.99 anyway.


8.) Own a Crow:


Own a Crow


This one’s easy: simply find a crow, say “mine,” and now you own a crow. Train him to get the remote, cook your dinner, and wash your car. Congratulations! 


7.) Be a scarecrow:


Be a Scarecrow


Like hay?  Like being still for long periods of time?  This is the activity for you!  While only really socially acceptable in the fall, this could become an annual tradition for you and a group of friends! Find a nice Allendale field to stand in and whenever a bird comes near…”GET OFF MY LAWN.” 


6.) Wear a Scarf:


Wear a Scarf


Like being fashionable and warm at the same time? Yup, you do, so shut up and wear a scarf.


5.) Fight a ghost:


Fight a ghost


You probably have a lot of a pent up anger thinking about how much it’s going to suck walking to class in 10 feet of snow in, like, a month,  and you probably want to take it out on something. But before you start throwing ‘bows at your roommate, consider fighting a ghost. This could be tricky because ghosts can be invisible so the main strategy here is to punch the air wherever and whenever. GO, GO, GO.


4.) Watch Football:


Watch Football


For some reason, people really like football so grab a beer and enjoy watching men throw a ball around for a few hours (AKA: get drunk and be confused) and see a couple dozen butt-to-faces. Nice.


3.) Watch Scary Movies:


Scary Movie


So your roommate went out to party and you’re stuck in your cold, dark apartment alone again. Just turn on The Exorcist; a girl getting possessed by Satan himself, vomiting everywhere and wanting to bang everything that comes in her line of vision. Sounds like your typical college student Saturday night at Grand Valley anyway. 


2.) Go to the Cider Mill:





A fall Sunday morning is the perfect time for the cider mill. You and your significant other can share the experience of swatting bees, holding hands to other people’s disgust, picking apples and spilling apple cider literally everywhere. Everywhere it can be spilled, it will be spilled. Not to mention doughnuts better than crack (kinda).


1.) Eat a pumpkin:


Eat a Pumpkin


Drive down to wherever pumpkins are sold (Meijer, farms, Ace Hardware, etc.) and pick the best of the best. Don’t even bother chopping it up, just eat the freaking pumpkin. Who gives a shit?


We hope you take this list into consideration when trying to become that only mildly sad individual we talked about earlier. At least try and have some fun before the winter months of isolation steamroll in.


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