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Top 5 Best Parts About Freakfest X


Freakfest is always a good time, whether you’re an underage Marty Mcfly just going for Timeflies or a 21+ Jake the Dog hitting up Whiskey Jacks for some shots, it’s good clean fun for the whole family. Sure, it may be an obvious ploy to stop us students from being too fun and self-destructive, but there’s a reason why tons of students, non-students, and people who don’t even go here attend Freakfest every year, five reasons actually:


5.) The Crowd:




Freakfest is always soooooo crowded, and it’s awesome. It’s impossible to walk anywhere on State St. without running into Pooh Bear or apologizing to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for ruining their uniting ring bump as you slide across their bodies in the line for the bathroom in Five Guys. Who needs their personal bubble when you can be pushed up against an old fashioned scuba diver holding a treasure chest that spews bubbles?


4.) The Concert View:




As George Clooney said in Gravity, “Gotta admit one thing: can’t beat the view.” Sure he was talking about space and shit, but the same thing can be applied to Freakfest as well. I mean, this is the place where people literally climb trees for a better view of the stage. Where cops ride horses so they can take in the entire breathtaking, streetlight lit view of drunk college students subtlety and unsubtlety dressed as various characters from across pop culture—listening to the overly loud music from their semi-favorite band. It really is a sight to behold.


3.) The Prom-Night Nightmare:




Everyone wants to think they’re original, unless you’re one of those people who dress as a banana for Halloween, then you’ve probably accepted your uncreative, hive-mind personality. It may seem like a slap in the face to one’s originality if someone is dressed just like you, hogging all the attention, but it’s anything but. Someone who is wearing the same outfit as you means they have somewhat of the same mindset as you, especially if your outfit is some kooky, niche character like a pot smoking asshole of a dog. The best friendships are the ones that begin drunkenly dressed in onesies. Always remember that.


2.) The Variety of Costumes:




Other than Comic-Con, there’s really no other place one can go to see such a variety of young people in costumes, and really no other place for drunken young people in costumes. Some people spend a lot of time to make their costumes just perfect, like the aforementioned scuba man or the people dressed as wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. Other people would rather spend the money to wear some kickass costumes, like the teletubbies. And others are just lazy and go as Netflix and chill because they aren’t really creative. Being any one of these people is totally fine as long you’re festive, like the refs who got real into their costumes and started giving people yellow flags. Those fucks probably deserved it, but if not, we still approve because like, they’re dressed as refs giving people yellow flags.


1.) Being Someone Else:



Sure, this picture isn’t actually from Freakfest, but we couldn’t find a Tinky Winky getting arrested this year. What do you expect us to do?


You’re an adult, you can be drunk any day of the week. But how often can you go to State Street dressed as a super turnt Lara Croft only to get even more turnt upon your arrival. As Buffy Summers once stated, Halloween is “come as you aren’t night,” and what’s better than not being yourself? You can literally do anything with no repercussions because you’re not you! Tinky Winky peed on that building, not Jeffery Long. You can’t ticket Jeffery Long for something TInky Winky did! Cops just want to watch the world burn, man.


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