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UK’s Bartender of the Week: Brandy from Tin Roof

Hey there, Black Sheep-ers! Trying to figure out where to spend your glorious refund once UK finally releases it? Look no further than the Tin Roof! With their live music, amazing plates of build-your-own nachos, and special drinks served in actual buckets, it is harder to find a more chill bar experience within walking distance of campus! Plus, their prices will leave you with extra money in your pocket! Here is one of Tin Roof’s fabulous bartenders!


Name: Brandy

Bar: Tin Roof

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Single

Favorite Drink: Screwdriver

Favorite Shot: Fireball

Disgusting Drink: Bourbon and Coke



What drink best pairs with Kentucky’s football season?: Sweet Water Blue.


Which drink is least tailgate-friendly? Why?: Fireball, because it is so easy to get drunk off of!


What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?: A Bloody Mary.


What non-hat object would make the best hat? Why?: A cup, because you can tie your hair up around it and make it awesome.


Who deserves a shout-out in these hallowed pages? Why?: Hailey, because she dragged me down here and Kentucky is great!


What chip flavor that should be invented hasn’t been invented?: Chocolate mousse chips.


What’s something you want to do less than eat a bowl of Donald Trump’s hair?: A bag of cockroaches.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?: Because they can know more about local bartenders, and I am in it!

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