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UNCC Bartender of the Week: Macado’s Colby


Name: Colby

Bar: Macado’s

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Major: Double major in psychology and criminal justice

Favorite Drink: Margarita

Favorite Shot: Royal Flush

Disgusting Drink: Gin and tonic


If there were candy heart messages under beer bottle caps, what would your favorite say?:

I really like pun-ny things, so I would want one to say something like, “You’re beer-y cute.”


Which celebrity do you find sexy that no one else finds sexy?:

I feel like no one thinks Drew Barrymore is that great, but I think she’s really pretty.


5 words to describe the perfect cheap date in Charlotte:

There are these little pubs across from the night stadium, so I used to like to go to the baseball game then go out and drink, it was really fun, there were tons of people, and it was really cheap.


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A lonely freshman on Valentine’s Day should…:

There’s always a lot of those single events going on around town, I know this year, I wouldn’t really recommend it, but at Hooter’s you can bring a picture of your ex and they’ll shred it and you get 10 free wings. But what I used to do is me and a bunch of friends would go out and just treat it as any other night.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m drunk…:

…and you should be too!


Why should people make love to The Black Sheep?:

It sounds like you guys are really aimed everyday people and college students and I like that a lot.


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