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UNCC Bartender of the Week: O’Charley’s Steven


Name: Steven

Bar: O’Charley’s

Relationship Status: I’m on Tinder

Major: Associate in Arts from Central Piedmont

Favorite Drink: 24oz Miller Lite

Favorite Shot: Patron with salt and lime


If you’re drinking at a bar at 11a.m., you should be drinking a…:



Which song would you most want to hear 25 times in a row at O’Charley’s?:

“Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson


What hashtag most accurately describes your last hangover?:



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If your roommate was a member of the opposite sex, what would they be most disgusted to see you do around the house?:

Walking around the house naked.


What embarrassing superstition or belief are you willing to admit you believe?:



Which cat emoji best describes your relationship with your best friend?:

I don’t use emojis.


What is your favorite thing that you love to hate?:



Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

I have no idea.


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