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UNT Bartender of the Week: Des from Oak St. Drafthouse And Cocktail Bar


Stop by Oak Street Drafthouse & Cocktail Bar, located one block east of the Square, for over 70 beers on tap, a dog-friendly patio, and former Olympic synchronized-swimming-champion-turned-bartender Desmond Moore.


Name: Desmond Moore (prefers Des)

Bar: Oak St Drafthouse And Cocktail Bar

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Major: Undergraduate in Accounting and Master’s in Business Administration at UNT

Favorite Drink: Oasis MetaModern

Favorite Shot: Jim Beam. Just. Jim. Beam.

Disgusting Drink: A Cement Mixer. It’s Baileys topped with lime juice. The longer it sits in the shot glass the more it starts to curdle.


What’s the best way to spend $10 at Oak St?:

Show up on Tuesdays for $3 drafts, or any night between 9-11PM for $3 double wells.


Do you have a personal hangover cure?: 

It involves a lot of water and breakfast at either The Chestnut Tree or Rooster’s.


What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done while intoxicated?: 

I passed out in the Deep Ellum Brewery bathroom. It was my birthday.


Describe the last time you woke up all sticky:

Probably after work when a keg exploded in my face.


Besides never ordering a Cement Mixer, give us your finest piece of barkeep wisdom:

Always take advice from a bartender.


If you had to replace the last word of your favorite children’s book or TV show with your favorite swear word, what would it be called?

Dragon Ball Shits.


You’ve just been killed in a tragic beer pong incident (our condolences), and a drink is being made in your memory. What’s it called?:

The Fade Away.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever walked in on at Oak Street?: 

Make out sessions! People get cozy in a corner and ignore everybody. Although, I didn’t expect all the groping. Surprisingly no sex, yet.


What person (dead, mostly dead, or alive) would you like to share a drink with?:

Johnny Knoxville would be fun.


Whats a new law you’d like to enforce around here?: 

ABSOLUTELY no fuckheads allowed.


What can you tell about a person from their drink order?: 

Hipsters drink Lonestar. People who want to get rowdy drink vodka + Red Bull. Women typically order a vodka cranberry, but the ones you want to date drink beer or whiskey.


Who is your arch nemesis?: 



If you could ban any song from playing in this bar, what song would it be?:

Any Miley Cyrus song.


Tell us a secret:

A girl tried to seduce me in the t-shirt closet once.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

If you want a good laugh, you might as well read it.



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