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What Did GVSU Students Do Over Winter Break?

Winter break is a time when college students finally have a valid excuse to indulge their greatest, laziest desires. Unfortunately, break never lasts long enough and, thanks to Grand Valley’s ridiculously early winter semester, you’re now back in the classroom and forced to tell everyone what you did over break as an awkward icebreaker. Before you were sick of reliving the glory days, The Black Sheep asked over 50 members of Laker Nation to take part in a multi-answer survey, choosing multiple options from a list of the most popular winter break activities. Participants were also given an opportunity to write in their own answers.  


Question: What did you do over winter break? (Click to expand!)




Some of our favorite write-in responses (verbatim):

• Buying books for next semester and crying. There goes all my Christmas money.

• I got turnt

• Totally took advantage of my boyfriend being the loving man he is. Oh, and I got engaged.

• Spent 12 straight hours on a jigsaw puzzle

• Drink drink drink

• Smoke weed

• Finding opportunities to be too tired to drive home to spend the night with my SO

• Utilized any excuse to leave the house, then heading to the bar instead

• Bruh.

• Got so high and watched so much anime. Also I got a cat! He just wandered into our house on Christmas morning, it was like a dumb feel-good movie scene. He watched anime with me.

• Watched each day slip away as I woke up at 4 p.m., then stayed up until 7 the next morning only to repeat the cycle.

• Sex. Lots of sex.


So, what did we learn?: The college stereotype lives strong in Allendale and Grand Rapids! Given the opportunity, you guys shirked all responsibility to goof around, drink beer, get laid and sleep. Oh, sweet precious sleep.


We Lakers are an odd bunch, folks, but not that odd. It’s good to see we’re just like college students at other universities. Don’t change. Never change.


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