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5 Ways Life Changes at BC When There’s Snow Everywhere

The leaves have fallen, Thanksgiving is over, and it’s as cold as your professors’ hearts outside. What does this mean? Finals, yes, but also snow is upon us. Here are five things that’ll change about your life at BC once those snowflakes start to fall.

5.) You’ll go to class even less than you do now:
We all know (insert joke here about how nothing is less than zero hahaha you don’t go to class), but seriously your attendance at your 9 a.m. lecture seemed impossible when it was 60 and sunny, how do you think it’ll go when it’s dark and negative 5? You better hope that your Rivers professor puts those slides on Canvas, eh? Your academic attendance won’t be the only thing impacted by the dropping temperature.

4.) You’re not going to want to go out:
This may seem impossible. Agoro’s is your life, all your friends are there, how could the day come when you won’t be totally geeked to get lit ASAP? Your 18-22 year old alcoholic ass will quickly morph into a bitter 90 year old who is always cold and can’t be bothered to leave the house, let alone campus. That’s when you’ll find yourself in your pajamas, firmly gripping a bottle of Sutter Home Chardonnay watching Netflix on the comfort of your own bed and pray for a snow day. Oh god, you’re becoming your mother.

3.) Your weight is going to fluctuate:
Most people in the winter months will pack on a bit of weight, due to the more sedentary nature of winter life, but not BC students. BC students will lose on average 7.2 pounds each winter. This is from the combination of having to sprint up hill on campus to escape the tundra-like conditions and the temptation to skip meals, due to the aforementioned conditions.

2.) The idea of a relationship will slowly become more appealing:
When you first got to college you weren’t looking for any sort of relationship, how could you be tied down to the first girl you had sex with in 18 years?!?!? Now life has changed. You aren’t that going-out-free-spirit you were before. It is great to sit inside and watch the snow lightly coat campus, it’s miserable to have to go out in it.

It’s called cuffing season for a reason people, be on the lookout for your friends to start dating. Bonus points if the person they’re dating lives in their dorm and no one has to go outside for sex.

1.) You’ll be tempted to drop a #GassonGram like, a lot:
Each day you’ll swear campus is getting more and more picturesque. At a point it just becomes obnoxious and no building illustrates this more than Gasson. You’ll be so tempted to try to capture the scene as snow blankets Linden Lane and flows into a wreath covered Gasson, but remember no one fucking cares about how pretty it all looks. If your friends on the ‘gram go to BC they see that shit every day of their lives and if your friends go somewhere else they care less. Stop hanging outside trying to get the perfect shot and just go to Bapst.

Well, there you go. Just a few trends that will inevitably become a part of your life in the coming weeks. Snow away!

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