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7 Halloween Costumes Only BC Students Would Wear


With midterm studying out of the way, it’s time to buckle down for the real grind of October: creating the perfect Halloween costume. With Halloween just one short week away, and Halloweekend just three short days away, procrastinators everywhere are scrambling to pull a costume or two, or three together. Before you fall back on the old classics and decide to be a vampire for the third year running, consider these seven costumes that only a BC student would wear.

7.) A Dining Hall Fundraiser:
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be one of those people you ignore each and every time you wander into Lower, this is your chance. This costume comes equipped with the added benefit of having an excuse to run around yelling at people to donate their dining money to you. By the end of the night you may even have your mozz sticks covered.

6.) Norovirus/The BC Plague:
Forget ghosts, mummies, vampires, and every other monster you’ve ever considered. This is the real terror for BC students. You run the risk of seeming a little out of season, since these plagues really love to strike when stress is highest during finals, but you have the added benefit of reminding everyone of the good times of last year’s Chipotle debacle.

5.) A Winning Football Game:
Let’s face it, this is the only way any of us are going to see one of these this fall. This is the BC equivalent of dressing up as a unicorn.

4.) The CommAve Bus:
Perfect for that person that really, really doesn’t want anyone coming anywhere near them in the mods. A cardboard bus costume is the perfect buffer zone.

3.) The Aggressive CSOM’er:
Some schools have frats, we have CSOM. Halloween can be a perfect excuse to break out your suit and most expensive watch, carry around a copy of the Wall Street Journal, talk about the internship you’ve already secured for this upcoming summer, and practice raising your hand every five seconds. Bonus: for some of you this requires no change at all from your everyday behavior.

2.) A Curve:

With midterm grade anxiety on the rise as grades are about to drop on Canvas, the timing could not be better to dress up as a curve. At the very least, everyone will be thrilled to see you.

1.) Angry Father Leahy: 

This costume is a  surefire way to scare the living daylights out of any and all of your classmates. Nothing scares Eagles more than the prospect of seeing the figure of Father Leahy shouting after learning that his lawn is not perfectly manicured.


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