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9 Things You Won’t Miss About BC Over Break

With the end of classes upon us at last, everyone is finally gearing up for the long-awaited winter break. Winter break is college’s way of rewarding us, with four weeks of good food, family gatherings, and, most importantly, not having to think about a thing. After a couple all nighters in O’Neill, this break is well deserved… until you get sick of your siblings and your small town and remember exactly why you left. However, among the many things you will undoubtedly start to miss about BC while you’re on break, there are definitely things that you won’t.

9.) The Stairs:
Sure, your house probably has a flight or two. But you don’t have to practically climb a mountain every day, or crowd into an elevator with twenty five other people who have no interest in climbing that same mountain.

8.) Your ID:
During the semester, your ID basically becomes a part of you. You need it for all the most important things in life: eating, sleeping, and printing. You will most definitely not miss those moments of panic where you lose your ID for a few minutes and freak out at the prospect of spending $70 to replace that overpriced piece of plastic.

7.) The Overflowing Inbox:
Keeping up with emails is a full time job all on its own. It’s great to be in the know, but honestly who has the time to read the dozens of emails that come rolling in every day. No one. Winter break is four blissful weeks of not having to check your email twelve times a day.

6.) Paying for Laundry: 
Paying $1.75 every single time you want to use a subpar washer or dryer? Laundry is bad enough all by itself without adding that unfortunate detail. At least when you suffer through laundry duty at home you don’t have to worry about someone tossing your newly-cleaned-and-paid-for clothes on the nasty flooded floor because you were two minutes late to take them out.

5.) Communal Bathrooms:
You never fully appreciate the luxury of a shoeless shower until you go without one for a couple months. Nor does going to the bathroom without four other people in the room seem like a privilege until you literally cannot even have that moment of privacy. Home means four weeks of decent water pressure and not having to listen to the girl from your hall who thinks she can sing belt out songs in the shower.

4.) The Dining Hall:
Nothing tops a home cooked meal, especially after a full semester of waiting in line for a half hour every night to eat the same exact things on an all too predictable rotation every week. At home, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for subpar food, you don’t have to fend off a small crowd to find a table to sit at, and you don’t have to worry about how many people (who may or may not have the Finals BC Plague) have been breathing on your food. And besides, what a refreshing change of pace it will be to eat some fresh produce and not even have to worry about whether there may be bugs crawling around inside it.

3.) 8 a.m.s: (Or 9 a.m.s) (Or 10 a.m.s) At home, there have no responsibilities. You have done your time; fifteen grueling weeks of studying until your head felt like it would explode. It’s time to catch up on all the sleep you missed staying up until three in the morning to cram, or waking up at six to try and finish that paper in time. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door and go sleep until the new year.

2.) Rounds: 
The hours of 8, 10, 12, and 2 mean absolutely nothing to you at home. Blast your music, break out the candles, hang up your Christmas lights, or make good use of your foam mattress pad for once. At home, no one will be coming into your room to make sure you don’t have a light with more than three arms, or any suspicious ping pong balls. Go crazy.

1.) Spending Sundays in the Library:
To college students, the Lazy Sunday seems like an absolute myth. Sundays during the semester are for cramming three or four days worth of work into one afternoon. Sundays are for dreading the week ahead, and fighting off panic attacks looking at your planner. Sundays are certainly not for kicking back and relaxing, because even when you’re done your work you still somehow have more work to do. Once the semester is over, you may actually, finally, get to experience a lazy Sunday on a couch that doesn’t feel like you’re laying on concrete.

So at the week two mark of winter break when you start wondering why you ever wanted to leave this place, remember these nine things you are definitely not missing about campus. Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder. After four weeks off from stairs and food from Lower, you’ll be ready to tackle BC’s small annoyances all over again.


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