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The 5 Best Routes Through Campus to Avoid Freezing in the BC Tundra

From snow piles taller than the St. Iggy statue to frozen rivers flooding downtown, we don’t blame you for not wanting to go outside. But class beckons, and you can only really miss two days without failing the course. Luckily for you, we have mapped out the best shortcuts through BC to avoid the frigid temperatures outside (and maybe people you just want to avoid).

5.) The grand tour:
If you wanted a way to experience the best that BC has to offer, this “shortcut” is for you. This route will take you from Maloney (gotta love those elevators!) to the library, then straight on through Gasson, Lyons, and Stokes N and S before ending in Mac. Really, it might take you longer than just sucking it up and walking, but when it’s colder than the surface of Mars outside, you can spare those extra minutes.

4.) The food and arts festival:
This route is for those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, like one-acts in the Bonn or steak and cheeses from lower. To follow this path, start off in the parking garage and head on down to Robsham (enjoy the 80’s throwbacks playing in the lobby while you’re at it). Cut on over to lower, and you’ll be all set to sprint to Vandy, Stayer, or Walsh with a brand new bag of chips to boot.

3.) The mod challenge:
This one is for those daredevils out there, or people who enjoy breaking and entering (we know we do!). The fastest way to get to the plex with all of your fingers and toes intact is to just cut through people’s mods! They’re so close together anyway, and those lazy seniors always leave their sliders unlocked. Just don’t get caught taking any handles of booze on your way out.

2.) The Beacon Street stretch: 
An alternative name for this route is the “I’ve never set foot in this building” tour since it will take you through all the scary, specialized buildings you forgot existed. Start out in Mac and cut over to Carney (be careful, its almost definitely haunted) before running down the stairs to McGuinn. Campion’s right across the way, and Merkert’s a great stepping-stone down to the oddly warm alley way between Maloney and Alumni.

1.) The “bus”:
The bus may only start after 5, and will cost you an extra 15 to 30 minutes of travel time, but it requires limited exposure to the elements, and basically takes you right to the doorstep of where you would like to go. Sure, you have to wait outside in un-heated bus stops before the Comm Ave even starts tracking, but think of how little walking you will have to do to get to your night class!  

With these routes, you’ll never be caught outside in a Nor’easter again! And real talk: BC wouldn’t give us a snow day even if hell froze over, so you’ll definitely be needing these shortcuts soon.

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