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BC Freshmen Continue Annual Freshman Tradition of Thinking We’re Good at Football

As the march of time continues the status quo — finals on the horizon, Thanksgiving around the corner, beautiful autumn trees of the east coast withering and falling to their deaths — we find ourselves facing another late fall tradition: BC football sitting pretty just above mediocrity and on the verge of playing #23 in the nation NC State, a tradition that often highlights BC freshmen asking the annual, traditional question of naivety, “Are we good at football?

The Black Sheep caught up with some students on Upper Campus to find out just exactly what BC freshman thought about our football team.

“I’m just super excited to see how the season plays out. If I had to guess I’d say we’ll finish ranked like #15 or something. By the time I’m a senior we’ll probably be in the College Football Playoffs at this rate,” said freshman English major Sarah Jenkins, adding that she has plans to drop $90 on BC football gear in the bookstore before tomorrow’s game because “it’s a good investment.”

“I don’t think we’ll win the college football playoffs this year because we got hot too late,” said said Matthew Buckley (CSOM ‘21) when he overheard a conversation about BC Football. “At best we’ll just kick Wisconsin’s ass in a bowl game or something. Probably make a deeper run next year.” 

Just as we thought that football fever in the Heights might be as bad as cold and flu season we thought we’d check in with the more jaded upperclassmen. (Also, sorry about that joke, we’re kind of still drunk over here.)

“I honestly think you’re kind of overreacting with that term ‘football powerhouse’ it’s fun that we’ve won some games but come on dude, we’re 5-4,” said Ashley Rogers a senior in CSOM (with a job lined up at PWC in Chicago after graduation, (she insisted we mention in the article)).

“When I was a freshman we beat USC, I honestly think the peak of watching BC football happening freshman year spoiled it for me in later years,” said another senior, Kyle Gigantelli an undeclared MCAS as a single tear rolled down his cheek. “And there’s a downside to all this success and that’s the expectations it can create. Are we supposed to be decent every year? Do you have any idea the kind of pressure that can place on a person, the prospect of being slightly better than average?!?!” Kyle trailed off, visibly shaking as he wandered towards the Mods.  

In the end, the best course of action for this BC football team is to tank the rest of the season. The less people expect from you the easier it is to satisfy them. If the freshman think a 9-6 is an average season they’re just going to be let down. The solution for the Eagles is to close out the season at 5-10. If the freshmen think we’re good at football we’ll be awful at football, but if we can think we’re bad we’ll be surprising. Don’t corrupt the children, it’s time to tank.

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