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The Top 5 Unofficial Greek Houses of Boston College


No matter how many times you and your friends say, “I’m so glad BC doesn’t have Greek life!” we all know it’s a complete lie. You wish you could get rip-roarin’ drunk on free jungle juice every weekend and have guaranteed plans no matter if it’s a Saturday or Tuesday. Also, what BC student doesn’t want to attend formal in one of their hundreds of Lilly dresses or tailormade tuxedos? So if we did have the Greek life you wish we had, which one would you join?

Beta Theta Plex:
Loyal Plex-er? Never miss that morning, mid class, and night workout? You’ve come to the right place. Protein shakes are served along side the alcohol and no drunk food over 100 calories will be served. The house chef serves as a nutritionist and there is always a personal trainer on call. Not to mention tons of stairs! Initiation is workout-centered so be ready to push yourself to max once and never step foot in the Plex again.

Pi Kappa Portico:
CSOM students only! Bonus if you’re in CSOM Honors, you get to avoid a week of initiation. Do you live, love, and breathe BC business? Do you still get lunch everyday with your Portico class, even if it means alumni has to return? Well then, get excited, because you have the chance to eat with, sleep with, study with, and party with ONLY BC’s best and brightest (or so they say).

Alpha Eag:
Every school needs that one sorority or frat that takes the rejects. Alpha Eag will be filled with the basics of BC and those people you seem to just see everywhere. It’s the happening place for anyone who thinks they’re someone on the Heights, but haven’t completely figured it out yet. However, much like all those service clubs you apply for and get denied, don’t set your hopes too high, because rejection is still a possibility.

Pi Kappa Alpha (Hike):
Run by Boston College’s most esteemed athletic program, BC Greek Life presents you Hike. (This refers to the football team if you haven’t picked up on that.) This house only allows the football team and other athletic teams that can pass through their initiation, which includes case racing our biggest linebacker up and down the million dollar stairs fifty times in full equipment, and maintaining an air of importance even though you haven’t seen success in several years. 

Delta Delta Jesuit:
This one’s for all those Eags who chose BC because the Jesuits are in charge. Don’t worry, this house is located in the basement chapel of St. Ignatius and social events are just mass followed by a prayer service, every hour on the hour. This house is a safe place for all those who are faithful, but don’t be surprised if you find them JesuLIT.

BC might not have “real” Greek houses, but campus is rife with clubs and cults and Jesuits. You’ll find your place, so long as it’s not at BU.

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