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Which BC Majors Throw The Shittiest Parties?

With four different schools and hundreds classes, there is no shortage of majors to choose from at BC. From physics to “perspectives” (what even is that?), BC has it all. But no two majors are alike, and you can bet that not all parties were created equal. To help you out on your Friday nights, here’s a ranking of the 5 BC majors that throw the worst parties.

5.) Philosophy:
Philosophy majors like getting deep when their sober, so imagine them trashed. You start off with a little game of beer pong, maybe some kings cup to get the mood going, and then all of a sudden you find yourself sitting in a circle on the floor talking about how PULSE changed your life and you’re not really sure what man’s real purpose on earth is. If that’s your idea of a good time, then go for it. But it’s better to end the night going home with someone than debating whether everything we experience is actually real or just happening inside our heads.

4.) Elementary education:
Sorry to break it to you kids, but Capri Sun isn’t alcohol. Elementary ed majors are so used to playing with toys and teaching ABC’s that they can’t even fathom the thought of hosting…what is it called again? A “rager”? If you do get invited to this teacher-to-be’s room, you will need to vastly change your idea of what a party is. Think a small get together with Scooby Doo gummy snacks, Hi-C, and a built in nap time. Wait, that actually doesn’t sound too bad…..

3.) Theology:
While it is true that Jesus turned water into wine, this major’s dorm room only has room for Natty, and it’s room temperature at that. The party might start off well enough, but before you take a sip of your beer, your friend suddenly jumps up and gives it a blessing. About to take a bite of your mozz stick from Late Night? Oops! Another blessing. You sneezed? Guess what! BLESSING. No one has time to get drunk when every sip needs to be interrupted by the Lord’s Prayer and two Hail Marys for your upcoming sins. And we thought church was on Sundays.

2.) Pre-med:
Oh, poor, poor little pre-meds. Really, we are all shocked they hadn’t changed majors by now. It would be a surprise and a half if any one of these anatomy freaks even had the time to get a party together, or remembered it was happening when the day arrived. You would show up to find that they had already drank all of the alcohol due to their constant state of stress, and are currently getting what little sleep they can on the Mod couch. So much for a party. On the plus side, if you had to throw up for any reason at all, they would be able to tell you exactly what type of acid was coming up from your stomach! Cool!

1.) Finance:
You would think this would be a good major to throw a party, but no. First of all, they had a strict budget when buying alcohol, so in order to come up with change to spare, they only bought two handles of Burnett’s. Then, when you walk in, they’ll immediately shake your hand and pass you a business card before asking, “what are your future plans after graduating? I’m planning on working for Deloitte.” It’s not so much a party as a networking event, and for some reason, everyone seems to be in suits. No loss, though, since you would get kicked out at 9 p.m. for a group project anyway.

If you’re looking for a cool party to go to, check out the classics department. Ever heard of a Symposium?

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