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Your Guide to Surviving a BC Night Game, For Once in Your Degenerate Life

Night games are the gems of college football, the chance to watch BC lose yet another game, except this time in the dark where no one can see you cry and you don’t wake up both super hungover and sun burnt. But they can also be super confusing for baby Eagles who are used to tailgating and half-heartedly cheering under the sun. You simply can’t prepare for a night game the same way as a day game, and if you do, we promise you won’t make it to Alumni. Follow these six steps to actually survive the night game for once, you degenerates.

6.) Don’t be afraid to take a nap:
During the quintessential noon games, you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy after a full night of partying. Hell, you even got 4 hours of sleep! But for night games, you’ve already been up for hours, yet you’re still expected to rally like you’ve never rallied before. Brace for the fatigue, and don’t be too proud to take a nap and sleep through a few classes in preperation; after all, naps are really only acceptable for toddlers and college students.

5.) Be prepared for press (and the chance to get on TV):
Unlike regular games, the media actually cares about BC when we play at night. Why? Probably because they can’t wait to televise us getting killed by previous national football champions (looking at you, FSU!). Lucky for you, that means you might actually get the chance to be on TV for once. Get your face painted, make a sign that says “Fire Addazio” and get in that front row so all the folks at home can see your smiling mug on ESPN2.

4.) Embrace the night tailgate:
We know, it’s weird. You’re used to sunshine and sunglasses and sunscreen and anything with the word “sun” in it when tailgating like “Ugh I just puked up Sunny D and Burnett’s.” But embrace the night tailgate! People are still willing to rage even when the sun don’t shine. Who said you can’t grill burgers and shotgun beers when it’s dark outside? No one. Plus, with disco lights and EDM music aplenty, it’ll feel like a mod party and a tailgate rolled into one.

3.) Get ready to lose:
Yeah, were gonna lose. Hard. The reason it’s a “night” game to begin with is because big sports networks know that people are going to want to watch it. And do you think they’re watching it for the Eagles? Oh no. They’re watching for our opponents. Is there the slight chance that we could actually win? Maybe: we are, after all, raised on the Jesuit tradition of miracles. And if we could beat USC, we can beat anyone! Right? RIGHT?! Wrong.

2.) Alumni hot dogs will taste better, so get 4:
Friends, Eagles, college-men: lend me your ears. You have not tasted an Alumni hotdog until you’ve tasted one at night. Think about it: you’ve been raging all day on nachos, buffalo chicken subs, and fries in large quantities trying to catch up with your alcohol intake. You enter the iron gates of Alumni and smell them: the dogs. Delicious, hot off the heater, made-of-ambiguous-substances franks that taste like pure gold after an entire day of drinking. Trust us, get the combo.

1.) “Pace” yourself:
Ok, listen, you’re going to want to actually go to the game. So pace yourself! If you start drinking at 6 a.m. like a day game, you won’t make it to Alumni. Actually, the only place you’ll make it besides your communal dorm toilet is St. E’s. You can start early, but take breaks, hydrate, and load up on greasy game food to quell the beer-zilla raging inside your stomach. Night games come once in a blue moon, and if you miss it because you shotgunned 12 too many beers, you (and the rest of your eightman) will never forgive you.

If you follow these steps and fully embrace the magic that is the night game, you hopefully won’t wake up the next morning in the infirmary with your Doug Flutie jersey covered in beer and ketchup. Hopefully.

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